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Mr. Rodrigue Montpetit and his wife Lucienne Lacroix founded the Rodrigue Montpetit Funeral Home. Ambulance services were at this time associated with funeral services; they were until 2009. For years, the company continued to evolve in the pursuit of a courteous and high quality service for the population. Over the years, the funeral home has undergone several structural changes.



Installation of a columbarium

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The Rodrigue Montpetit Funeral Home was equipped with an outdoor columbarium, a first in the South West. The columbarium is located in the Catholic cemetery of St-Joseph Church in Huntingdon. In 1994 and 2004, new units were added for a total of 304.



Jacques Montpetit

Jacques Montpetit, only son of Rodrigue Montpetit, will follow in his father's footsteps by acquiring his college diploma in Thanatology technique from Collège Rosemont in Montreal. Jacques will gradually get involved in the funeral field, drawing inspiration from the needs of families. He proudly assists his father in maintaining quality professional services.

In that same year, Jacques and Rodrigue Montpetit joined forces, the funeral home will henceforth be known as: Rodrigue Montpetit et Fils Inc.



Changing Owners

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Rodrigue Montpetit retires and Jacques Montpetit will take over with the help of his wife, Claudie Rémillard.


New Location

saint anicet

The Rodrigue Montpetit & Fils Inc. funeral home offers a new point of service to its customers in the village of Saint-Anicet at 1580, rte 132 St-Anicet.



New Location (Previously Kelly)

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In 2002, Jacques Montpetit acquired Salon Funéraire Kelly G.S. Inc. located at 19 rue Lake, Huntingdon.

In Memoriam

Rodrigue Montpetit

1920 - 2013

Deceased on March 8th 2013



Lucienne Montpetit

1919 - 2012

Deceased on December 9th 2012